Welcome to the career gateway of Sanjari International College (SIC).

Welcome to the gateway of Sanjari International College (SIC). Our web page will help you to gather information about the courses offered, our entry requirements, application and admission procedures, the awarding bodies and all other important information.

Sanjari International College (SIC) committed on providing quality learning experience that is challenging and rewarding for the students. The range of courses offered allows prospective students to make an informed choice for subject and level of programme. Our commitment to students and high expectations of academic performance help to ensure that students are well prepared for successful completion of their respective studies. The college is also focused on maintaining and enhancing academic standards; as well as monitoring the quality of its learning and teaching provisions.

The college has the provision of learning resources like library, IT laboratory, student support and wide range of general facilities and services. For enhancing the student learning experience and engaging the students with the teaching practices we provide good teaching facilities that includes classroom teaching; regular seminars; symposiums, workshops in a friendly environment. . We hope you will find this web page useful for your purposes and please contact us for further details.

The website will also give you an idea on tuition fees and other compulsory charges, payment deadlines, methods and refund procedures, as well as the living costs

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